Choan Gálvez

Ukulele composer, player, and teacher - Barcelona

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  • Works premiered by other ukulele players Upd. 08/May/2021
    In recent times I’ve written ukulele pieces that I’ve dedicated to, written for, or offered to ukulele players that I admire and have been gently premiered by them. Here is a preliminar list of these works, where titles link to video performances.
  • An evening of ukulele waltzes
    Announcement of a live concert to be streamed via Bandcamp on May, 8th, 2021. Choan Gálvez will play a selection of ukulele waltzes, including his collection Waltz in Progress and excerpts from previous and upcoming albums.
  • In Despair
    A sombre, emotional piece, with a glimpse of hope. Written by Choan Gálvez for Samantha Muir, who performs the piece on ukulele.
  • Waltz in Progress
    Upd. 15/Apr/2021
    A book compiling a series of original waltzes for solo ukulele, inspired by the collections created by the great guitarists of the romantic era.
  • Entranced (until the End of the Closing Credits)
    A piece for baritone ukulele writen by Choan Gálvez in an unashamedly Romantic style and aesthetic. Dedicated to and performed by Donald Bousted.
  • The Cheerless Walk
    Trouble, anxiety and sadness are emotions that can be put into music and expressed through the ukulele.
  • For Crispr (a Goodbye)
    A serious ukulele piece, slow, sad, and beautiful that I wrote in mourn for one of the family pets.
  • 50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele
    Upd. 26/Feb/2021
    Short solo ukulele studies that will help you acquire a good fingerpicking technique and musical abilities. Order now your book, print or digital.
  • A. P. Drove Me to Tears
    A wonderful 'adagio' composed by Choan Gálvez for ukulele with scordatura. Performance by Giovanni Albini.
  • Waltz for Alira
    A jazz-waltz lullaby for solo ukulele, written and performed by Choan Gálvez