Choan Gálvez

Ukulele composer, player, and teacher - Barcelona

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I publish most of my works as ukulele tablatures. These are available for download.

To Those Who Love

An original for solo ukulele written by Choan Gálvez. Born of love, to those who love.

Twenty-six Days

Tenacity and resilience were required. Uncertainty, failure and small victories were part of the path.


Minimalism, thrash metal and ukulele, at last together.


A new piece, laying somewhere between romanticism and minimalism.


Minimalism and minor triads are back.

Common Blue

A new minimalistic work for solo ukulele by Choan Gálvez which uses a G minor open tuning. Intermediate level.

Ochenta y seis

An original by Choan Gálvez for ukelele solo. Moderate difficulty.

To the Good Times

Is it a wishful toast to the future? Is it a longing sigh to happier past times? It's an original for ukulele by Choan Gálvez. And it's beautiful.

Treat Her Kindly

Do goodness and treat her, yourself, everybody, kindly.

Nueve de julio

A celebratory waltz, with a South American flavour, written in celebration of a birthday.