Choan Gálvez

Ukulele, upright bass - Barcelona

Ukulele tabs (page 1 of 3)

I publish most of my works as ukulele tablatures. These are available for download.

Lamento en do menor

A slow and touching piece for solo ukulele.

Charlie Lennon’s

Choan’s arrangement for solo ukulele of a traditional Irish Mazurka.

Lullabies for Astronauts

The ukulele album that will get you to sleep, featuring 10 original works written and played by Choan Gálvez.

10 minutos para ukelele solo

Choan Gálvez’s first ukulele album of original works, released as a set of digital audio and PDF sheet music.

Nana para Jara

A sweet little tune, easy to play and listen.

Canción de cuna para mi bemol

A quiet lullaby, with a calm melody and a soft comping. Moderate difficulty.


On this andante rain drops light but persistent. Moderate difficulty.

Bajo un olivo

A slow tempo with displaced melodic accents and arpeggiated accompaniment. Moderate difficulty.


From waltz rubato to euphoric anthem. Not so easy.

Buenas noches, buenos días

A soft lullaby combining bars of 4/4 and 5/4. Moderate difficulty.