Choan Gálvez

Ukulele composer, player, and teacher - Barcelona

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I publish most of my works as ukulele tablatures. These are available for download.

Entranced (until the End of the Closing Credits)

A piece for baritone ukulele writen by Choan Gálvez in an unashamedly Romantic style and aesthetic. Dedicated to and performed by Donald Bousted.

The Cheerless Walk

Trouble, anxiety and sadness are emotions that can be put into music and expressed through the ukulele.

For Crispr (a Goodbye)

Una pieza para ukelele seria, lenta y triste que escribí en duelo por la muerte de una de las mascotas de la familia. Para ukelele con cuarta grave.

A. P. Drove Me to Tears

A wonderful 'adagio' composed by Choan Gálvez for ukulele with scordatura. Performance by Giovanni Albini.

Waltz for Alira

A jazz-waltz lullaby. Moderate difficulty.

Sitting by the Fountain

A piece of early romantic style, of intermediate-advanced level, with many fretboard displacements and a bunch of slurs to add beauty… and some difficulty.

Тоска (Toska)

An advanced piece for solo ukulele, built upon the classical tremolo guitar technique.

Speak Low

A Kurt Weill's tune that has reached the status of jazz standard. Advanced.

Stompin' at the Savoy

Transcription of Choan Gálvez's arrangment. Advanced.


A popular standard from 1925, played on solo ukulele by Choan Gálvez.