12 composiciones originales para ukelele barítono

Portada de Brevities

Brevities es una colección de 12 piezas breves para ukelele barítono, compuestas por Choan Gálvez, al alcance de ukelelistas solistas de nivel medio.

Todas estas obras están escritas para la afinación habitual del barítono en Sol sexta (D G B E), pero las presentamos tanto en notación como en tablatura, así que podrás interpretarlas en cualquier ukelele con cuarta grave.

Brevities está disponible como libro en en papel y en edición digital en PDF.

Edición impresa

28 páginas, formato A4, encuadernación grapada

Edición digital

Fichero PDF imprimible, 28 páginas, formato A4

From the back cover

This collection of original pieces for baritone ukulele is a real treat for the soul. I have listened to and played many of Choan’s compositions and I marvel at his ability to create such original, modern and imaginative pieces whilst subtly infusing them at times with a traditional Spanish flavour. These new compositions work beautifully on the baritone ukulele and bring out its warm, rich sound.

Choan’s music paints characters and tells stories. You will be taken down unexpected paths, shown something intriguing and new before being led back home. It’s humbling to see such compositional skill in action.

Always engaging, charming, clever and witty, sometimes dark or melancholic, Gálvez is undoubtedly a major voice in original ukulele composition and this book will be loved and cherished by all baritone players and their audiences.

Choan Gálvez once again delivers an outstanding collection of musical works for the ukulele, this time for the often-overlooked baritone ukulele. Here Gálvez holds nothing back as he presents a set of 12 beautiful works that are packed full of his characteristic charm, wit and mystery.

No matter your playing ability, no matter what your listening preferences are, any player will find a challenge and every player will find something to enjoy in the beautiful auditory landscapes that the maestro creates.

Tablaturas de muestra

Ukulele Hunt ha publicado la tablatura de Brevity for Anita.

La partitura de Brevity for Pam aparece en el número 30 de Uke Magazine, publicado en junio de 2022.

Las piezas

He aquí un índice de las doce piezas con detalles sobre tonalidad, tempo y compás, una muestra de los primeros compases de la tablatura y enlaces a interpretaciones en audio y vídeo.

Brevity for Pam

Tonalidad: D. Compás: 4/4. Tempo: Moderato. Duración: .

A two-part invention with a spicy early-romantic flavour. Pluck the low part with the thumb. Look for the right balance of dynamic and tone between the voices.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Pam

Brevity for Jan

Tonalidad: Gm. Compás: 3/4. Tempo: Moderato. Duración: .

A melancholic mazurka, in a minor key, with a twilight mood. A triumphal sun beam shines unexpectedly.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Jan

Brevity for Susan

Tonalidad: D. Compás: 4/4. Tempo: Adagio. Duración: .

I wanted to write something beautiful for Susan, and this piece is probably, the most beautiful in the set. Finish with a soft tambora.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Susan

Brevity for Anita

Tonalidad: D. Compás: 6/4. Tempo: Moderato. Duración: .

Let the lower voice arpeggios ring under this fluttering melody. Build up, then turn towards a peaceful ending.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Anita

Brevity for Cathy

Tonalidad: Am, C. Compás: 4/4. Tempo: Allegretto. Duración: .

This was going to be a 19th century style study, but developed into some kind of tango. Feel free to go wild on dynamics and timbral variations.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Cathy

Brevity for Morgana

Tonalidad: Em. Compás: 2/2. Tempo: Adagio. Duración: .

An exploration of high and low ends. Using harmonicsforthetopmelodyallowsforawide separation between voices.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Morgana

Brevity for Lorraine

Tonalidad: C. Compás: 4/4. Tempo: Moderato. Duración: .

A two-act play about two lovers. They dance, they kiss, they discuss, they agree.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Lorraine

Brevity for Eloína

Tonalidad: C. Compás: 3/4. Tempo: Allegretto. Duración: .

Reasonably simple to play. A danceable waltz, dedicated to one of my students.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Eloína

Brevity for Gwendolyn

Tonalidad: E, G. Compás: 4/4. Tempo: Allegro con swing. Duración: .

A ragtime with some unexpected rhythm and tonality changes, and the melodical syncopations that characterise the style. Play with steady pulse!

Primeros compases de Brevity for Gwendolyn

Brevity for Elisabeth

Tonalidad: C. Compás: 6/4. Tempo: Allegretto. Duración: .

Sun, beach, waves. This one starts over the harmonies of a Hawaiian turnaround, then moves to a second section inspired by a traditional Canarian tune.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Elisabeth

Brevity for Sam

Tonalidad: D. Compás: 3/4. Tempo: Allegretto. Duración: .

One of the more harmonically interesting tunes in this set due to some characteristic augmented fourths. This piece presents its own share of minor challenges.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Sam

Brevity for Aline

Tonalidad: F. Compás: 2/4. Tempo: Andantino.

A Brazilian choro in rondó form. Read it carefully and master its pulse before adding a pinch of rubato. Vary as you like.

Primeros compases de Brevity for Aline

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