Choan Gálvez

Ukulele composer, player, and teacher - Barcelona


12 original short pieces for baritone ukulele

Published on May 5, 2022

Brevities is a collection of short solo pieces for baritone ukulele aimed at the intermediate fingerpicker. In this set Choan Gálvez profits from the extended range, the sustain, and the resonance that this instrument and its tuning provide.

Styles go from renaissance inspiration to Brazilian choro, melancholic waltzes to exciting ragtime.

All the pieces are written for G6 linear tuning and presented in notation and tablature format. Don’t you own a baritone uke? Not an issue: everything is also playable on your low G instrument. Follow the tab!

Brevities is available in print and digital editions from The Ukulele Bookshop.

Enjoy performance videos of these Brevities on YouTube.

From the back cover

This collection of original pieces for baritone ukulele is a real treat for the soul. I have listened to and played many of Choan's compositions and I marvel at his ability to create such original, modern and imaginative pieces whilst subtly infusing them at times with a traditional Spanish flavour. These new compositions work beautifully on the baritone ukulele and bring out its warm, rich sound.

Choan's music paints characters and tells stories. You will be taken down unexpected paths, shown something intriguing and new before being led back home. It's humbling to see such compositional skill in action.

Always engaging, charming, clever and witty, sometimes dark or melancholic, Gálvez is undoubtedly a major voice in original ukulele composition and this book will be loved and cherished by all baritone players and their audiences.

Choan Gálvez once again delivers an outstanding collection of musical works for the ukulele, this time for the often-overlooked baritone ukulele. Here Gálvez holds nothing back as he presents a set of 12 beautiful works that are packed full of his characteristic charm, wit and mystery.

No matter your playing ability, no matter what your listening preferences are, any player will find a challenge and every player will find something to enjoy in the beautiful auditory landscapes that the maestro creates.

Demo tabs

Ukulele Hunt has published the tablature of Brevity for Anita.

The score of Brevity for Pam appears in the issue number 30 of Uke Magazine, June 2022.

The Brevities

Here’s an index of each of the 12 pieces, including previews of their first few bars and info on key, tempo and time signature, and full audio recordings. The titles link to video performances.

  • Brevity for Aline

    Key: F. Time signature: 2/4. Tempo: Andantino.
    First measures of Brevity for Aline in notation and tab.