Choan Gálvez

Ukulele composer, player, and teacher - Barcelona

Waltz in Progress

A collection of waltzes for solo ukulele written by Choan Gálvez

Published on October 26, 2020 · Updated on April 15, 2021

I’ve written a set of pieces for solo ukulele titled Waltz in Progress, now compiled in a book, inspired by the collections published by the great guitarists of the romantic era. Each of these 12 waltzes is named after some ukulele player I appreciate.

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Inside view of the Waltz in Progress book

The Waltz in Progress book, is now available both in print and digital editions.

How many different forms can a waltz take? Ukulele player Choan Gálvez offers us a handful of answers in this beautiful collection of music for ukulele where he thoroughly explores the confines of the waltz and its possibilities.

Waltz in Progress is not only a testament to the creativity of its composer but also to the diversity of meanings that coexist within this musical form. Choan seamlessly reconciles expressions of his personal universe with twists of the Viennese waltz, jazz waltz, Creole waltzes, and the guitar repertoire of romanticism. Likewise, the skillful handling of ukulele technical resources reveals the intertextuality of this work with the music of Ernest Ka’ai, Roy Smeck, and other great ukulele composers. The educational value of this collection is undeniable: throughout these twelve pieces there are challenges alike for amateur and experienced ukulele players, something the author admirably achieves by avoiding virtuosity without underestimating the instrument.

The titles of each of these waltzes are a reminder of the generous role that Choan—undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable people on the contemporary ukulele scene—plays as a teacher and promoter of the music of ukulele players from around the world. Those of us who love this instrument are fortunate to share our passion with such a dedicated artist as Choan Gálvez.

It seems that one of the historical reasons for the success and diffusion of the waltz lies in the fact that the dancers perform it in closed position. Each one of these twelve new waltzes for solo ukulele by Choan Gálvez is dedicated to a ukulelist, somehow representing something of the dedicatee, as both theirhis/her character and the one of the composer are mixed, ideally dancing together. The music is incisive and vivid and—as it’s always the case with Gálvez’s—a pleasure to play.

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Demo tablature

Al Wood, from Ukulele Hunt, took me as a guest to publish the tablature for Larry’s, the fifth of the waltzes.

The waltzes

This is the growing list of waltzes, with links to the videos in YouTube and the tabs in Patreon.

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