Choan Gálvez

Ukulele, upright bass - Barcelona

I'm now offering online ukulele lessons, mail to and schedule a free test lesson.

Welcome to Choan Gálvez’s website. I’m a musician –I play string instruments, currently ukulele and upright bass are my main tools– and ukulele seller. Some times I am a writer, a programmer or an ukulele teacher.

Lullabies for Astronauts, mi nuevo álbum
Escucha mi nuevo álbum, 10 minutos para ukelele solo

On this website you’ll find videos, ukulele lessons, and, occassionally, links to download ukulele tabs, info on my musical activities, my discography, and, well, anything I decide to tell the world about.

New project! I'm currently releasing Ukes2dies, a set of 12 ukulele duets.

The video release of the 50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele series is now complete.

You can follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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