Choan Gálvez

Ukulele, upright bass - Barcelona

Welcome to Choan Gálvez’s website. I’m a musician –I play string instruments, currently ukulele and upright bass are my main tools– and ukulele seller. Some times I am a writer, a programmer or an ukulele teacher.

On this website you’ll find videos, ukulele lessons, and, occassionally, links to download ukulele tabs, info on my musical activities and, well, anything I decide to tell the world about.

At the moment this site main features are my project of 52 videos in 2015 and the growing collection of lullabies for solo ukulele.

This month I’m involved with the February Album Writing Month (FAWM), this is what I’ve already done.

You can follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter if you like.

Latest updates

  • Aguasvivas
    A happy, jumping tune featuring alternate thumb comping.
  • Vamos a jugar
    A chord melody arrangement for a happy tune. Played on ukulele solo.
  • Casa dormida
    A peaceful waltz reflecting the calm of a house where everybody –except myself– is sleeping.
  • Mazurca d’Aniversari
    A playful mazurka in minor key for solo ukulele.
  • Vals mandarina
    A sweet –and citric– waltz for ukulele solo.