Anthology of Alternate Ukulele Tunings Vol. 1

Taro patch, wahine, plectrum, and other linear tunings

Cover of Anthology of Alternate Ukulele Tunings Vol. 1

While Hawaiian slack key guitar masters use a great variety of alternate tunings, ukulele players are usually stuck in major sixth tunings (albeit in differing pitches, and linear or re-entrant). Retuning a couple of strings—or even just one—can help one discover new sonic worlds, makes some elusive voicings possible, and, in general, stimulates inspiration.

In this anthology, Choan Gálvez proposes you to work on a few scordaturas, all of them feasible using a standard low G string set. Your instrument won’t be at risk as all of the suggested tunings decrease the total tension supported by the ukulele.

The set of 12 original works by Choan Gálvez includes ragtime and bluesy compositions, havanera stylings, melancholical-optimistic tunes written at the dawn, and a touching elegy. All pieces are being demoed in this growing YouTube playlist.

This volume includes pieces using the following tunings:

  • Taro patch: G C E G
  • Wahine: G B E G
  • Plectrum: F C E G
  • Drop F: F C E A
  • Open F: F C F A
  • Gsus4: G C D A
  • G minor: G Bb D G

For each of these tunings, the author offers descriptions and diagrams, and a few chord boxes in case you’d like to explore the variant further than the included pieces do. Every score is presented in notation and tablature.

Baritone players are also covered! Diagrams and tablatures are usable as-is, you’ll just be playing in different keys— Jus’ Press!

Order your copy of the limited print edition of 50 numbered copies signed by the author. A PDF edition is also offered.

Print edition

40 pages, A4 format, stapled

Digital edition

Printable PDF file, 40 pages, A4 format

From the back cover

This is a wonderful and very well thought out collection of pieces in alternate tunings. Choan has included some really interesting tunings such as Gsus4, which you don’t come across often. You’ll also find some traditional Hawaiian tunings such as taro patch and wahine. Everything is very clearly notated and these brilliant compositions are an absolute delight to play.

The included pieces

Anthology of Alternate Ukulele Tunings includes 12 pieces in up to seven different tunings. Check this list!

Early Bird

Tuning: Drop F. Key: F. Tempo: Largo. Dedicated to Larry Usselman.

First bars of Early Bird

Calle Mayor

Tuning: Taro patch. Key: C. Tempo: Habanera / Waltz. Duration: . Dedicated to Catherine Goykhman.

First bars of Calle Mayor

Blues for Hardy

Tuning: Taro patch. Key: C. Tempo: Slow drag, with swing. Duration: . Dedicated to Hardy Lugerth.

First bars of Blues for Hardy

Santa Eulàlia

Tuning: Taro patch. Key: C. Tempo: Allegretto. Dedicated to Led Kaapana.

First bars of Santa Eulàlia

Milonga Wahine

Tuning: Wahine. Key: G. Tempo: Andante. Dedicated to Thiago Susán.

First bars of Milonga Wahine

Skate Park Rag

Tuning: Wahine. Key: G. Tempo: Medium Swing. Dedicated to Gwendolyn Völker.

First bars of Skate Park Rag

Oxymoron Blues

Tuning: Plectrum. Key: F. Tempo: Relaxed Swing. Duration: . Dedicated to Ricardo Colubi.

First bars of Oxymoron Blues

A Fresh Start

Tuning: Plectrum. Key: F. Tempo: Adagio. Duration: . Dedicated to Oriol Mercadé.

First bars of A Fresh Start

Jolly Good

Tuning: Open F. Key: F. Tempo: Medium Swing. Dedicated to Chino Swingslide.

First bars of Jolly Good

Tombeau de Molly Holzschlag

Tuning: G minor. Key: Gm. Tempo: Andante. Duration: .

First bars of Tombeau de Molly Holzschlag

Let’s Endure

Tuning: G minor. Key: Gm. Tempo: Moderato. Dedicated to Amane Gálvez.

First bars of Let’s Endure

One Hundred Miles

Tuning: Gsus4. Key: G. Tempo: Andante. Duration: . Dedicated to Matt Stead.

First bars of One Hundred Miles

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