May the Low 4th

12 new originals for low G ukulele

Cover of May the Low 4th

May the Low 4th is a collection of new original works for low G ukulele written by Choan Gálvez. Most of the pieces will fit beginner and intermediate fingerpickers—though mastering them may be challenging.

Among the repertoire you’ll find tango, samba, melancholic waltzes, Renaissance inspired brief works… Check the playlist!

Print edition

32 pages, A4 format, stapled

Digital edition

PDF printable file, 32 pages, A4 format

Words from the masters

Playful, delightful and bursting with musicality; these pieces would be equally at home in the concert hall or on the beach. This is the kind of thing our community needs: original music that explores and expands the voice of the ukulele. Bravo!

Gálvez’s original music for solo ukulele in re-entrant tuning has raised in the past few years the bar of a new ukulele repertoire, both in terms of elegant originality and indisputable idiomaticity, setting a reference for contemporary and future composers and performers. What I admire more about his output is the presence of clear elements from Western music tradition, that are filtered and renewed in the style of the Spanish composer resulting in music that is a joy to play and to listen to. This collection written for solo ukulele in linear tuning is no different: forms, themes, harmonies and rhythms that are strongly rooted in our culture become vivid original pieces featuring a neat character and a natural playability. May the Low 4th convey all the beauty of this collection!

Choan Gálvez manages to strike a fine balance between technique and musical expressions in his May the Low 4th collection. Most of the pieces are for the intermediate player but beginners and advanced players will find suitable challenges embedded within the pieces. The variety of musical devices is also refreshing: If ragtime wasn’t your thing, then baroque style counterpoint might, or maybe you can try a lyrical melody or an ambient piece, you have classical harmonic language mixed with jazz colors. This is definitely a collection worth spending time on if you’re looking to expand on your techniques and musical knowledge.

Sample score

The Ukulele Bookshop has released a free PDF sample of my music, including four complete tablatures–one from each of my recent books. Lady S. is one of the featured pieces. Grab the sample!

A low 4th index

Here’s the listing of pieces included in the book. Some of them already have videos and audio recordings available, the rest are coming soon.

Medina Albaida

Key: Cm. Time signature: 3/4. Tempo: Longing. Duration: . Dedicated to Gilbert Isbin.

First bars of Medina Albaida

Lady S.

Key: G. Time signature: 2/2. Tempo: Danceable. Duration: .

First bars of Lady S.

Laurence's Jig

Key: Dm. Time signature: 6/8. Tempo: Allegretto. Duration: . Dedicated to Laurence Diehl.

First bars of Laurence's Jig

A Sweet Fantasy

Key: G. Time signature: 3/4. Tempo: Sweet and lovely. Duration: .

First bars of A Sweet Fantasy

Dream Station

Key: Am. Time signature: 3/4. Tempo: Sleepy. Duration: .

First bars of Dream Station

Waltz in Blue

Key: Cm. Time signature: 3/4. Tempo: Lento. Duration: .

First bars of Waltz in Blue

Sunset, Finally

Key: G. Time signature: 4/4. Tempo: Adagio. Duration: .

First bars of Sunset, Finally

Plaza del inglés

Key: Am. Time signature: 3/4. Tempo: Calmly. Duration: .

First bars of Plaza del inglés


Key: A. Time signature: 3/8. Tempo: Allegretto. Duration: . Dedicated to Thijs Kevenaar.

First bars of 1879

The Balcony Rag

Key: F, C. Time signature: 4/4. Tempo: Medium swing. Duration: . Dedicated to Tony Mizen.

First bars of The Balcony Rag


Key: Am. Time signature: 2/4. Tempo: Tango. Duration: .

First bars of Rubia

Samba pra James

Key: G. Time signature: 2/2. Tempo: Tempo di Samba. Duration: . Dedicated to James Hill.

First bars of Samba pra James

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