Online ukulele lessons

Would you like to progress with the ukulele and upgrade your repertoire?

Come study with me and go one step beyond the home position chords and basic strums. I’m offering private online ukulele lessons via Skype, personalised to the interests and capabilities of each student (también disponibles clases en castellano).

I guess you already know me from my classical style pieces and arrangements. I also enjoy playing (and teaching) jazzy ukulele, or fancy strummings.

Let’s work together on any of the following subjects:

  • Fingerpicking and classical guitar techniques applied to the ukulele. Learn Sor, Giuliani, Carcassi and other great composers works. Even my own works!
  • Chord melody and swing/jazz arrangements, and all the tricks needed to create your own arrangements.
  • How to master the full fretboard, leave the first frets behind!
  • Advanced strumming techniques: triplets, split strokes, …
  • Musical theory: the science behind chords and their harmonic functions.

And whatever we can think of.

Interested? Mail for rates and terms and schedule a free test lesson.