Songs Mathilda Taught Me

Four waltzes and a polka

Cover of Songs Mathilda Taught Me

Mathilda is a rather unique ukulele. She’s a flat-body five-string soprano thas travelled all around Germany since 2013, visiting many ukulele players’ homes.

Choan Gálvez got hold of it in December, 2023, and after some doodling, Mathilda soon revealed some of the songs she had within.

This is how Songs Mathilda Taught Me: Four waltzes and a polka, a collection agnostic of your favourite fourth-string octave, was created: the arrangements in this book work great on low-g, high-g, and doubled-course instruments.

Regarding the required technical abilities, the waltzes are ready to enjoy even by unexperienced fingerpickers, while the polka presents challenges that make it interesting for performers of every level.

Make your choice between the digital edition and the hard copy.

The beautiful cover art is the work of Hardy C. Lugerth.

Your pre-order will give you immediate access to the scores for all five pieces. Release of the full book is scheduled for February 25th.

Print edition

20 pages, A4 format, stapled

Digital edition

20 pages, A4 format, PDF file.

From the back cover

A fine selection of tunes with a nice swing written in Choan Galvez’s iconic style. Like all Choan’s work, the music in his new book is clearly written, easy to follow, and includes helpful annotations for enhancing playing technique. All the pieces work beautifully with a low-G or high-G tuning, and of course with a 5-string ukulele, like Mathilda.

The waltzes are enjoyable and very rewarding to play, while the Polka provides a bit more challenge, making it perfect for refining advanced left-hand technique. Intermediate-level ukulele players will surely find great enjoyment in this book.

The songs Mathilda taught me

The five pieces included in the book, in detail. And video. And audio. (Work in progress.)

Mathilda’s Waltz No. 1

Key: C. Tempo: Allegretto. Duration: .

First bars of Mathilda’s Waltz No. 1

Mathilda’s Waltz No. 2

Key: F. Tempo: Allegro. Duration: .

First bars of Mathilda’s Waltz No. 2

Mathilda’s Waltz No. 3

Key: G. Tempo: Moderato. Duration: .

First bars of Mathilda’s Waltz No. 3

Mathilda’s Waltz No. 4

Key: C. Tempo: Presto.

First bars of Mathilda’s Waltz No. 4

Mathilda’s Polka

Key: A. Tempo: Allegretto.

First bars of Mathilda’s Polka

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