For Four Fingers

New campanella pieces for re-entrant ukulele

Cover of For Four Fingers

For Four Fingers is a collection of ten one-minute pieces for re-entrant ukulele. They are, mostly, simple melodies where the movement of the fretting hand has been intentionally restricted to the four frets at reach in a single position.

The limited print edition of 25 numbered copies signed by the author is now sold out. The PDF edition is still available.

Print edition

20 pages, 21 x 21 cm, stapled

Digital edition

Printable PDF file, 20 pages, 21 x 21 cm

From the back cover

These lovely new pieces are not only a pleasure to play but they have also been carefully crafted as studies, with the focus on playing in increasingly higher positions up the neck.

Fantastic idea and a good set of pieces for beginners!

Another fine collection of original pieces by Choan and a must-have for anyone interested in fingerstyle ukulele.

Sample score

My publisher, The Ukulele Bookshop, offers a free PDF with the tablature of Five.

The pieces

A relation of the ten pieces included in the collection, showing metronome markings, time and key signatures and some other details. Audios are freely accesible, titles link to video performances.


Key: C mix. Tempo: Grave h=32. Duration: .

First bars of One


Key: D. Tempo: Andante q=74. Duration: .

First bars of Two


Key: A min. Tempo: Adagio q=56. Duration: .

First bars of Three


Key: A. Tempo: Allegro q=130. Duration: .

First bars of Four


Key: G. Tempo: Moderato q=96. Duration: .

First bars of Five


Key: Gm. Tempo: Adagio q=56. Duration: .

First bars of Six


Key: G. Tempo: Andantino q.=80. Duration: .

First bars of Seven


Key: Cm. Tempo: Andantino q=80. Duration: .

First bars of Eight


Tempo: Grave h.=30. Duration: .

First bars of Nine

Dance of the Zeroes

Key: C. Tempo: Moderato q=90. Duration: .

First bars of Dance of the Zeroes

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