Eight Rags a Week

Original ragtime music for solo ukulele

Cover of Eight Rags a Week

Playing ragtime on the ukulele is always big fun! After including a few pieces of this style in my recent books, I thought it was time to write a dedicated collection. Eight Rags a Week includes eight original ragtime pieces for re-entrant ukulele that I’m confident will delight players and audiences alike.

The Ukulele Bookshop offers this collection in print edition and ships worldwide. A PDF edition is also available.

Print edition

28 pages, A4 format, stapled

Digital edition

Printable PDF file, 28 pages, A4 format

From the back cover

Eight Rags a Week is a wonderful collection of ragtime influenced pieces. Syncopated melodies dance over a steady beat with delightful twists and turns to challenge the player and engage the listener. With clever composition, arrangement, and clear notes on performance these charming pieces really let the ukulele sing. Bravo Choan!

Time and time again Choan has pushed the boundaries of re-entrant ukulele and ‘Eight Rags a Week’ is no exception. This exquisite collection of eight challenging pieces will push both your right and left-hand dexterity to the next level while rollicking through deceptively simple melodies. The alternating bass throughout, mixed with campanella techniques, makes these compositions a unique exercise in reimagining the humble re-entrant tuned ukulele.

Sample score

The Ukulele Bookshop, offers a free PDF with the tablature of Tuesday’s Rag.

Ragtime music for solo ukulele

These are the eight original ragtimes included in the book. Find their metronome markings, time and key signatures and some other details. Audios and videos coming soon!

Monday's Rag

Key: G / D. Tempo: Allegro (120 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of Monday's Rag

Tuesday's Rag

Key: C. Tempo: Up Swing (180 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of Tuesday's Rag

Wednesday's Rag

Key: Gm / D. Tempo: Allegretto (108 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of Wednesday's Rag

Thursday's Rag

Key: C / G. Tempo: Allegro (124 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of Thursday's Rag

Friday's Rag

Key: F / D. Tempo: Allegro (128 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of Friday's Rag

Saturday's Rag

Key: G / D / C. Tempo: Moderato (96 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of Saturday's Rag

Sunday's Rag

Key: F. Tempo: Allegretto (106 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of Sunday's Rag

I Love You

Key: C / F. Tempo: Allegro (126 bpm). Duration: .

First bars of I Love You

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