Dance of the Zeroes

A tutorial by Mustafa Kamaliddin

For Four Fingers is a collection of ten one-minute pieces for re-entrant ukulele. They are, mostly, simple melodies where the movement of the fretting hand has been intentionally restricted to the four frets at reach in a single position.

As an exception, the closing tune is made entirely of notes played on open strings. That makes it technically very accessible but… have you considered learning this kind of simple pieces to improve your musicality?

Mustafa Kamaliddin, from the MK Fingerstyle Academy hall of fame, considered this kind of practice worth it, and he’s been kind enough as to share a tutorial on the piece with all of us.

I hope you’ll enjoy the lesson—I did! If you’d like to acquire the tablature, the For Four Fingers digital edition is available from The Ukulele Bookshop.