A. P. Drove Me to Tears

Performed by Giovanni Albini

Sometimes the beauty of an artistic work makes a great impact on one’s soul. Not long ago, Giovanni Albini’s performance of Für Aline got me interested in Arvo Pärt’s music and one day, while listening to Pärt’s Magnificat I broke into tears.

In this piece I intend to translate into music the ecstasy I felt, using some uncommon (for me) resources (slow tempo, long notes, alternate tuning, quintuple meter…) aiming for a new expression of beauty.

If Albini’s marvelous performance of A. P. Drove Me to Tears makes you cry, we’ll both have succeeded.

This piece is written for low G ukulele with scordatura: starting from low G tuning retune the second string to D, and the third one to B.

The score, including notation and tablature has been published and made available by The Ukulele Bookshop.