Lullabies for Astronauts

The ukulele album that will get you to sleep

Cover of Lullabies for Astronauts

Lullabies for Astronauts features 10 originals for ukulele solo written and performed by Choan Gálvez.

CD and digital editions are available from Bandcamp. Includes PDF ebook with the tablature of every piece.

The album has been possitively reviewed by Uke Planet (archived copy of the original post in Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine):

I recommend this album not only as an accomplished work of ukulele music, which it is, but as an orbit for the soul, a short break for the weary and an excuse to breath deeply, relax and smile… just once in a while… for now and again, we all have to let the rest of the world take care of itself for a wee while.

And also by the Italian site/radio broadcast Intorno All’Ukulele:

Insomma una pubblicazione interessante, curiosa, ricercata e controcorrente, che fa dell’apparente semplicità il suo punto di forza, salvo scoprire che dietro questi piccoli brani si cela un musicista preparato, con un background senza dubbio chitarristico, coi piedi e le mani ben radicati nella tradizione spagnola.

Also available for streaming from Spotify, Deezer and other networks.

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