• Nana per la nena gran (9/Sep/2022)
    "A beautiful and accessible piece with the perfect amount of challenges and rewards for the intermediate player."
  • Due sogni d’oro (3/Jul/2021)
    Two short pieces dedicated to a beloved family.
  • Waltz for Alira (16/Feb/2021)
    A jazz-waltz lullaby for solo ukulele, written and performed by Choan Gálvez
  • Song for Lea (15/Feb/2020)
    Some soothing ukulele music to welcome baby Lea
  • Lana (14/Jan/2020)
    A happy tune to celebrate the birth of baby Lana.
  • Minuto para Hermes (4/Nov/2019)
    An apparently easy original lullaby for solo ukulele by Choan Gálvez. Tab available.
  • Nana para Jara (19/May/2018)
    Another little piece for solo ukulele, another lullaby for another precious baby. Tab available.
  • A quiet lullaby for solo ukulele. Tab available.
  • Bajo un olivo (22/Nov/2017)
    A work by Choan Gálvez for ukelele solo. Slow tempo.
  • A soft lullaby combining bars of 4/4 and 5/4. Tab available.

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