Awaiting the Rain

It’s hot. Forest fires in Serra de Collserola, close to home, have broken out up to five times in two months. Ten hectares burnt last week (June, 8th, 2021).

Rain is needed, we await the rain.

In my latest online ukulele recital I played The Red Angel (performed here by Giovanni Albini), a beautiful score by Samantha Muir, where she employs a wonderful G minor open tuning. I thought it’d be nice to have a second piece in catalog using that same tuning, and some doodling in a very hot day developed into this new meditative work.

You can also stream Awaiting the Rain via Spotify, Apple Music, et al.

This piece is written for ukulele with a G minor scordatura, i.e. starting from a linearly tuned instrument, we retune the third string down to B♭, the second string down to D, and the first string up to B♭ —resulting in a G3 B♭3 D4 B♭4 tuning.

Score, including notation and tablature, is available from The Ukulele Bookshop.