Common Blue

A new work by Choan Gálvez. Minimalist but modern but romantic.

Enjoy this beautiful premiere by Samantha Muir.

This piece is written for ukulele with a G minor scordatura, i.e. starting from a linearly tuned instrument, we retune the third string down to B♭, the second string down to D, and the first string up to B♭ —resulting in a G3 B♭3 D4 B♭4 tuning.

Score, including notation and tablature, is available from The Ukulele Bookshop.

Esta pieza está escrita para ukelele con una scordatura en sol menor, esto es, a partir de un instrumento con afinación lineal, bajamos la tercera cuerda a B♭, la segunda a D, y subimos la primera hasta B♭: llegaremos así a G3 B♭3 D4 B♭4.

La partitura, con notación y tablatura, está disponible en The Ukulele Bookshop.