Entranced (until the End of the Closing Credits)

Performed by Donald Bousted

Here is a piece of romantic character for baritone ukulele that I wrote thinking about the expressive abilities of Donald Bousted, to whom I dedicated it.

Here are the notes Bousted himself wrote for the score edition:

Choan Gálvez is filling a gap in the baritone ukulele repertoire quite beautifully with this and other pieces he has written in an unashamedly Romantic style and aesthetic.  Arranging music from the Romantic period is tricky—all the resonance, wide leaps, and massive dynamic contrast. Yet, Gálvez is able to masterfully craft this type of music on an instrument with only four strings and just over two octaves in range.  This piece is written especially for the instrument by someone who understands it fully. Gálvez’s style is his own, with a nod in the direction of some of the great lyrical composers of the 19th century.

This is an intermediate level piece. It covers the whole fretboard up to the 12th fret. It calls for legato playing and well-organised fingering. Entranced (until the End of the Closing Credits) is a great addition to the baritone ukulele repertoire and is suitable for concerts or private study.

Although the piece is written for baritone ukulele, it can also be played with any linear tuned ukulele.

Score, including notation and tablature, is available from The Ukulele Bookshop.