Musings, ramblings, rants, etc.

  • Ukulele arrangement by Choan Gálvez
  • Choan Gálvez's arrangement played on the ukulele.
  • Turtle Soul (26/Mar/2020)
    A ternary tune for self-accompanied ukulele.
  • The Whale (22/Mar/2020)
    An original (kind of) slip jig in a very Irish style. Campanella power!
  • Song for Lea (15/Feb/2020)
    Some soothing ukulele music to welcome baby Lea
  • Where’s my iPad? (27/Jan/2020)
    A fast paced tune in the style of an Irish reel.
  • Cozy Warm Place (23/Jan/2020)
    An original composition by Choan Gálvez featuring a comfortable, peaceful place and a ukulele.
  • Lana (14/Jan/2020)
    A happy tune to celebrate the birth of baby Lana.
  • Have you ever listened to the original chorus of Jingle Bells? I've rescued it in this arrangemente for solo ukulele.
  • Jingle Bells (5/Dec/2019)
    A merry Winter song from the XIX century that became incredibly popular, arranged for solo ukulele by Choan Gálvez.

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