Musings, ramblings, rants, etc.

  • Тоска (Toska) (3/Feb/2021)
    A piece in which I take the classical tremolo guitar technique to the ukulele. Performed here by Donald Bousted.
  • A look back at 2020 (31/Dec/2020)
    What did I do, musically, along 2020? No live presentations, but I've written a lot of original music for ukulele, I've made some good friends and recorded many videos.
  • Speak Low (15/Nov/2020)
    A Kurt Weill's tune that has reached the status of jazz standard.
  • Stompin' at the Savoy (10/Nov/2020)
    Edgar Sampson's jazz standard, arranged for solo ukulele
  • Dinah (1/Nov/2020)
    A popular standard from 1925, played on solo ukulele by Choan Gálvez.
  • Arrangement by Choan Gálvez of one of the pieces included in the 1916 edition of The Ukulele and How It's played. Thought for low G, also apt for reentrant tuning.
  • Choan's arrangement, apt for both low G and reentrant tuned ukuleles.
  • Habanera de Bienvenido (16/May/2020)
    An original dance tune for solo ukulele, with a dedication to my grandparents.
  • Ukulele arrangement by Choan Gálvez
  • Choan Gálvez's arrangement played on the ukulele.

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