FAWM 2018

On February, 2018, I’m joining the FAWM project (February Album Writing Month) and committing to compose/demo 14 pieces along the month.

You can follow my adventures at the project’s website, on this very webpage or through the playlist I’ve created on YouTube, choan @ fawm2018.

  • De cómo llenar un vaso (13/Apr/2018)
    A bluesy but optimistic piece for solo ukulele using an alternate tuning.
  • Un día feliz (1/Apr/2018)
    The happiness of a pain free day put into ukulele music.
  • Aguasvivas (2/Mar/2018)
    A happy, jumping tune featuring alternate thumb comping.
  • Vamos a jugar (28/Feb/2018)
    A chord melody arrangement for a happy tune. Played on ukulele solo.
  • Casa dormida (23/Feb/2018)
    A peaceful waltz reflecting the calm of a house where everybody –except myself– is sleeping.
  • Mazurca d’Aniversari (20/Feb/2018)
    A playful mazurka in minor key for solo ukulele.
  • Vals mandarina (15/Feb/2018)
    A sweet –and citric– waltz for ukulele solo.
  • Lamento en do menor (1/Feb/2018)
    A slow and touching piece for solo ukulele.

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