Musings, ramblings, rants, etc.

  • A Narrow Escape (16/Oct/2022)
    A new original for ukulele in fifths.
  • La rosa distreta (8/Oct/2022)
    A lilting little waltz, easy to read, difficult to master.
  • Fall (2/Oct/2022)
    A new minimalist score for ukulele where a repeating triad serves as background to a syncopated melody that moves in close steps.
  • What I Know Now (18/Sep/2022)
    A reflection on what I know now about life, myself, and composing. For ukulele in fifths.
  • Nana per la nena gran (9/Sep/2022)
    "A beautiful and accessible piece with the perfect amount of challenges and rewards for the intermediate player."
  • A Big One (6/Jul/2022)
    A piece for ukulele in fifths (CGDA) which reflects the profound impact of some bitter news. A farewell to A Big One.
  • To Those Who Love (14/Apr/2022)
    An original for solo ukulele written by Choan Gálvez. Born of love, to those who love.
  • Twenty-six Days (6/Mar/2022)
    Tenacity and resilience were required. Uncertainty, failure and small victories were part of the path.
  • Zagora (6/Feb/2022)
    Minimalism, thrash metal and ukulele, at last together.
  • Closeness (5/Jan/2022)
    A new piece, laying somewhere between romanticism and minimalism.

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