Ukulele tunings

Apart from the usual re-entrant and low G ukulele tunings, I used a few scordaturas in my playing, both for composing and arranging. Here’s a list of most of what I use, linking to some of the pieces (and books) where I’ve used each particular tuning.

  • G Minor
  • Gsus4
  • Taro Patch
  • Wahine
  • gBEA A re-entrant tuning that provides an E minor triad on the bottom strings.
  • Standard The original re-entrant tuning of the ukulele.
  • Low G The most common linear tuning on the ukulele, where the fourth string sits one string lower than in standard.
  • Plectrum A translation from the plectrum banjo tuning. Low to high, F C E G.
  • Fifths Viola/tenor banjo tuning, low to high C G D A. A restrung is required.
  • Baritone The usual linear G6 tuning in baritone ukuleles, identical to the four treble strings of a guitar.

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