A catalog of Choan Gálvez works

An attempt to index most, if not all, of Choan Gálvez’s production.


  • Titles link to additional information on this very site.
  • When instrumentation is given as ukulele, we mean standard re-entrant tuned ukulele. Otherwise, tuning is given in scientific pitch notation.
  • Works for guitar are still not included in this index.
  • Both collections (books, albums, suites) and its parts appear as entries.
  • No. indicates the piece number in the collection.
  • Durations are an approximation.
  • Date indicates year of composition.
  • Table is sorted alphabetically by title.
10 minutos para ukelele solo (album)2018ukulele
50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele (book)2021ukulele
A Big One4m 10s2021ukulele in fifths
A FarewellUkes2dies41m 20s2020ukulele duet
A Maze in Grace3m 30sukulele
A Peaceful Ride1m 25s2021ukulele
A Splendid Dawn50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele19ukulele
A Sweet FantasyMay the Low 4th41m2021low g ukulele
A. P. Drove Me to Tears3m2020ukulele with scordaturaG3 B3 D4 A4
Aguasvivas1m 40s2018ukulele
Air on the C String50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele4ukulele
Aluhe10 minutos para ukelele solo31m 35s2015ukulele
Angel Island50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele2ukulele
Awaiting the Rain3m2021ukulele with scordaturaG3 B♭3 D4 B♭4
Bajo un olivo10 minutos para ukelele solo51m 40sukulele
Bathed in Sunlight2m 10s2021ukulele with scordaturaF4 C4 E4 A4
Belt of Venus50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele27ukulele
Bigger Steps8m2021baritone ukulele
Bill’sWaltz in Progress52m 35sukulele
Bittersweet Anthem50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele18ukulele
Brazilian Answer50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele42ukulele
Brevities (book)2022baritone ukulele
Broken50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele32ukulele
Buenas noches, buenos días10 minutos para ukelele solo91m 15sukulele
Canción de cuna para mi bemolLullabies for Astronauts72m 25s2018ukulele
Canción para Eris10 minutos para ukelele solo41m 15s2015ukulele
Casa dormida3m2018ukulele
Cat’sWaltz in Progress71m 15sukulele
Ceci n’est pas une tombeau2022ukulele with scordaturaG3 B♭3 D4 B♭4
Christopher’sWaltz in Progress21m 10sukulele
Closeness3m 30s2021ukulele with scordaturaG3 B3 D4 A4
Closure50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele31ukulele
Common Blue2m 40s2021ukulele with scordaturaG3 B♭3 D4 B♭4
Con piña50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele43ukulele
Coquette’s LullabyLullabies for Astronauts53m2018ukulele
Cozy Warm Place2m 40sukulele
Danza de los ceros2017ukulele
Danza lenta para AinielleLullabies for Astronauts82m 5sukulele
Davide’sWaltz in Progress101m 55sukulele
De cómo llenar un vaso1m 30s2018ukulele with scordaturaF4 C4 E4 G4
Diablero50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele20ukulele
Dog Tail March1mukulele
Dolphin’s Carnival MarchUkes2dies31m 35s2020ukulele duet
Donald’sWaltz in Progress112m 25sukulele
Donde se cierra una puerta, otra se abre1m 40s2018ukulele
Drama-in-the-box50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele5ukulele
Dream About a Boat3m 15s2020ukulele
Dream Big, Little MonsterDream Big, Little Monster12ukulele
Dream StationMay the Low 4th51m 40s2022low g ukulele
Dripping Tap50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele9ukulele
Due Sogni d’Oro (suite)2019
Ebb Tide50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele6ukulele
El ciervoSanta Orosia1ukulele in fifths
El copléSanta Orosia17ukulele in fifths
El naranjeroSanta Orosia13ukulele in fifths
El trampantojo3m2022ukulele
Elegy for my Friend2021ukulele
Endika’sWaltz in Progress81m 05sukulele
Entranced (until the End of the Closing Credits)3m 15s2020baritone ukulele
Esperanza1m 50s2017ukulele
Evanescence2m 10s2021ukulele
Exciting Rag50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele21ukulele
Fabrizio’sWaltz in Progress31m 10sukulele
Fairly Late50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele7ukulele
Fall2m 30s2022ukulele
Firebug’s Dance50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele45ukulele
Fly Out of Cage50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele25ukulele
For BeaDream Big, Little Monster61m 30s2019ukulele
For Crispr (A Goodbye)3m2021low g ukulele
For DiagoDream Big, Little Monster31m 30s2019ukulele
Gertrude by the Window50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele10ukulele
Gilded Cage50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele23ukulele
Graciela’sWaltz in Progress92m 5sukulele
GuzadaSanta Orosia11ukulele in fifths
Habanera de Bienvenido1m 20sukulele
Hop, Hop, Hope!50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele39ukulele
Hopeless at Messenger2021ukulele
Hurry Up2m2018ukulele with scordaturaF4 C4 E4 A4
Ill Wind50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele36ukulele
In Despair4m2021ukulele
In Polite Disagreement50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele24ukulele
Introspection50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele29ukulele
Invocation3m 20s2021ukulele with scordaturaG4 C4 E♭4 A4
Jiga de los buenos días10 minutos para ukelele solo11m 40s2017ukulele
Jota’s Blues1m 5s2020ukulele
Julián’sWaltz in Progress122m 40sukulele
Kandarian Jig50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele13ukulele
La AlemaniaSanta Orosia16ukulele in fifths
La cardelinaSanta Orosia12ukulele in fifths
La corderitaSanta Orosia15ukulele in fifths
La liebreSanta Orosia5ukulele in fifths
La lívida lavandaUkes2dies51m 40s2020ukulele duet
La niñaSanta Orosia14ukulele in fifths
La puñaladaSanta Orosia7ukulele in fifths
La rosa distreta1m 30s2022ukulele
Lady Ping-pong50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele8ukulele
Lady S.May the Low 4th21m2021low g ukulele
Lamento en do menor2m 5s2018ukulele with scordaturaG4 C4 E♭4 A4
Lana1m 40sukulele
Larry’sWaltz in Progress41mukulele
Laurence's JigMay the Low 4th31m 20s2022low g ukulele
Lazy Sunrise50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele22ukulele
Left Hand Reel50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele41ukulele
Lila & BlauDream Big, Little Monster71m 10sukulele
Lost and Found2021ukulele
Lullabies for Astronauts (album)2018ukulele
Lullaby for JaraDream Big, Little Monster8ukulele
Lullaby for TaiDream Big, Little Monster21m 30s2017ukulele
Lullaby of Me1m 10sukulele
Martino’s SongDream Big, Little Monster10ukulele
May the Low 4th (book)2022low g ukulele
Mazurca d’aniversari2m2018ukulele
Medina AlbaidaMay the Low 4th11m 50s2022low g ukulele
Medium Rare, Please50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele33ukulele
Mi chiquitina preciosaLullabies for Astronauts22m 20s2015ukulele
Minuto en fa menor10 minutos para ukelele solo71m 10sukulele
Minuto para Enol2017ukulele
Minuto para Hermes1m 15sukulele
Mourn for Gouda1m 5sukulele
Mucho vale TudelaSanta Orosia10ukulele in fifths
Nana pa míLullabies for Astronauts92m 35sukulele
Nana para EricLullabies for Astronauts61m 45sukulele
Nana para EvaLullabies for Astronauts101m 10sukulele
Nana para GretaLullabies for Astronauts11m 30s2015ukulele
Nana para los rufinosLullabies for Astronauts42m 45s2018ukulele
Nana para MayaLullabies for Astronauts31m 30sukulele
Nana para Pilar2016ukulele
Nana per la nena gran1m 50s2022ukulele
New Year's LullabyDream Big, Little Monster550s2015ukulele
Niña, péinate1m 25s2021ukulele
Noa (gran)Dream Big, Little Monster42019ukulele
Nueve de julio2m 15s2021ukulele
Ochenta y seis2m 40s2017ukulele
Octopus’s Park50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele48ukulele
Odyssey50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele14ukulele
On Vacation (suite)10m2021ukulele
Orballo10 minutos para ukelele solo61m 50sukulele
Oxymoron Blues2022ukulele with scordaturaF3 C4 E4 G4
Pain Relief50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele38ukulele
Paradise in Odd times50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele16ukulele
Pecoro’s Waltz1m 40s2021ukulele
Pedro GilSanta Orosia4ukulele in fifths
Per GiulioDue Sogni d’Oro21m 30s2019ukulele
Per SaraDue Sogni d’Oro11m 20s2019ukulele
Phantom Limb50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele35ukulele
PichaderoSanta Orosia6ukulele in fifths
Playtime50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele11ukulele
Plaza del inglésMay the Low 4th82m 30s2021low g ukulele
Por los piesSanta Orosia9ukulele in fifths
Presque un adieu50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele46ukulele
Procesión cortaSanta Orosia2ukulele in fifths
Procesión largaSanta Orosia3ukulele in fifths
Ratoncica, ratoncica10 minutos para ukelele solo21m 15s2015ukulele
Rayito de solDream Big, Little Monster11ukulele
Reid’sWaltz in Progress11m 20sukulele
RubiaMay the Low 4th112m 55slow g ukulele
Salt del Grill50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele3ukulele
Samba pra JamesMay the Low 4th123m 30s2022low g ukulele
Santa Orosia (suite)2021ukulele in fifths
Second Chance1m 50sukulele
Seriously Fun50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele17ukulele
Shades of Purple50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele12ukulele
She's Riding Her New Bike50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele28ukulele
Sitting by the Fountain4m 10s2019ukulele
Snooze1m 20sukulele
Some Kind of Hope2m 25s2021ukulele
Song for Lea2m 15sukulele
Sunset, FinallyMay the Low 4th71m 50s2022low g ukulele
Tango Interrumpido50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele37ukulele
Taxes50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele44ukulele
Tenderness50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele1ukulele
The Balcony RagMay the Low 4th102m2022low g ukulele
The Cheerless Walk4m2020ukulele
The Climber’s1m 45sukulele
The Highlight50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele26ukulele
The One for MomDream Big, Little Monster9ukulele
The Whale1m2020ukulele
Through Joy and Tears50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele47ukulele
Tío Vazilo50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele49ukulele
To the Good Times3m 40s2021ukulele
To Those Who Love2m2022ukulele
Todd’sWaltz in Progress61m 45sukulele
Tomato-and-spoon1m 25s2021ukulele
Treat Her Kindly3m2021ukulele
Tuesday’s Rag1m 45sukulele
Turpial50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele50ukulele
Turtle Soul1m 30s2020ukulele
Twenty-six Days4m 10s2022ukulele
Ukes2dies (book)ukulele duet
Un día feliz1m 15sukulele
Unboxing50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele40ukulele
Undressed2m 5s2021ukulele with scordaturaG4 B3 E4 A4
Vals de los gaticos10 minutos para ukelele solo101m 30sukulele
Vals mandarina2m2019ukulele
Vals viernés10 minutos para ukelele solo81m 20sukulele
Vamos a jugar1m 10s2018ukulele
Vera's Sleep JigDream Big, Little Monster11m 30sukulele
ViñetasSanta Orosia8ukulele in fifths
Waltz Before BreakfastUkes2dies21m 30s2020ukulele duet
Waltz for Alira1m 5s2021ukulele
Waltz in BlueMay the Low 4th62m 20s2022low g ukulele
Waltz in Progress (book)2021ukulele
Waltz of Mine50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele30ukulele
Waltz of the Turtles50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele15ukulele
Warm-blooded50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele34ukulele
What I Know Now4m2022ukulele in fifths
Where’s my iPad45sukulele
You Gave Me a New Life1m 30s2017ukulele
Zagora2m 30s2020ukulele
ZenithUkes2dies11m 5s2020ukulele duet
1879May the Low 4th92m 40s2022low g ukulele